How to generate leads for your website


Why generating leads is important

Your website should not just be a simple overview of your business. Instead it should encourage visitors to engage with you, follow you, and provide you with their contact information e.g. email address. Not everbody will make a purchase the very first time they arrive at your website. Often it takes a period of time – maybe weeks, maybe months before they decide to enter they bank details with you.

Leads are valuable because they can be the source of your future sales, so you should make an effort to gather as many quality leads as possible.


Have a Contact Number

Some people prefer email, some people prefer chatting over the phone. Cater to both. Make sure your phone number is clearly shown on your website e.g. near the top of your website.

If people know they can easily & quickly pick up the phone and speak to another human being, then it will help build trust. It gives reassurance that you run a professional service.

If you get a chance to speak to a potential customer, then it’s an opportunity to get their contact details and find out what their needs are, and hopefully provide a suitable outcome for them.


Lots of forms on lots of your webpages

One of the easiest ways to generate a lead from your website is to have a website visitor submit their details via a form on your website. Don’t hide them away, instead make them prominent. For example, do you want them to join your Newsletter? Then make it the sign up form clear & bold – on your homepage, blog sidebar, etc.


Add photos of yourself / your staff to give credibility

When potential customers visit your site they will most likely look at the product/services you offer, and view any examples you may have.

Many websites find that their “About Us” page is one of the most frequently visited webpages. This is because potential customers want to know who they will be dealing with. You will benefit if you include pictures of yourself/your staff, because will they be able to see that they will be working with real people, rather than a faceless corporation. Including pictures of staff makes the business appear more personable & approachable – which in turn will help increase your conversion rate – whether that means more sales or more leads collected.


Use effective copywriting

The right words, used in the right way can do great things. Everyone can write, but not everyone can write well. The text on your website can have a huge effect – good or bad. If it is well written – in a way that follows basic copywriting principles – then it will be much more likely to get readers attention, engage with them and convince them to take action – whether that’s making a purchase or submitting their email address to you or registering their interest in your product or service.

Does your website copy connect with the reader? Does it create a sense of urgency that will encourage people to take action? Is it clear & bold? Does it overcome any potential obstacles?

Well written copy will result in more leads. So, when you’re deciding on the written content for your website then we recommend you either learn from some copywriting books, read what the experts such as Problogger have to say or take a copywriting course or – if you have the budget for it – hire a copywriter to do it all for you.


Have an attractive, professional looking website

When it comes to getting leads you want to invest in the best possible website that you can afford. A good looking website will give an impression of professionalism, which will give the visitor confidence that you can be trusted, and you’re somebody they can do business with. A poorly designed website that for example is slow to load, full of spelling mistakes and low quality images, etc will make your website visitors want to click away. If you can’t even get a professional website, then how do you expect people to have confidence that you can deliver a professional service/product?



Make your pages interesting

Provide quality content (blog posts, podcasts, videos, how to guides, etc) that inspires credibility and develops trust. People will be more likely to opt-in and take the next step towards purchasing something from you if you have created an interest in your products/services.

Make them have such a good time while visiting your website that they will want to return again. One way to do this is to provide quality content – places such as you blog will act as a source of traffic. The next step is to turn that traffic in leads after you have generated an interest/desire from them.


Lead Capture Page

It is recommended that you create a page on your website that is dedicated towards capturing leads. For example, if you are wanting people to sign-up to your Newsletter, or register an interest in a soon to be launched product or join your membership program, etc, then you may be promoting this on your website e.g. a blog post, or on Twitter or mentioning it on your Facebook page, etc.

With this in mind, you will want to send people to a page where they can sign-up. So you’d better make sure that page it is designed solely to successfully generate a lead for you.

To help you achieve this you can create a webpage yourself, but thankfully there are tools available to generate a high quality “lead capture” page – with the added benefit that they will automatically integrate with your email list e.g. via MailChimp, as part of your sales funnel. Popular lead capture page generators include LeadPages, OptimisePress (WordPress plugin), etc.

For example, with LeadPages you can quickly set up an opt-in page in less than 5 minutes, which you can customise, edit & update whenever you want – and very quickly you will be able to start building your email list. It will be a 100% mobile responsive landing page which works on iPhones, iPads and Andriod devices, so you can ensure that everyone can navigate through your landing pages.



Make videos that speak directly to your visitors

90% of users say that watching a video about a product helps them make a decision when deciding whether to purchase or not. Once a visitor to your website watches a video about your product or service they are much more likely to go ahead and make an order – so it’s highly recommended that you add videos to your website. Videos can help generate leads for your website.

One of the best styles of videos to have on your website are ones where somebody is speaking directly to the viewer. Your videos should speak to the viewer, not at them. Talk to the viewer as though you’re having a conversation with them. Tell them about your product or service. Tell them how they can they benefit from visiting your website. The more you speak directly to the viewer, the more engaged they will be.



Call to action

Have a call to action leading to your landing / lead page – and make them easy to find. Add them to your homepage, blog sidebar, bottom of each post, about us page, etc.

Draw peoples attention to where they can sign up to your email list – make it clear & bold, make it obvious. Make it prominent. For example, the image below shows the homepage of well known internet marketing entrepreneur Marie Forleo – as you can see she clearly shows visitors to her website where they can sign up:




The more leads you generate, the more sales you will get, so keep all of the above points in mind when managing your website – if you do then your conversions will increase. Work smarter, not harder.


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    54. Amen, ArtMaggot…Harry Reid simply made the mistake of speaking an uncomfortable truth aloud. No reason to be mad at him.And, until he can show us the bumper crop of African American candidates the GOP intends to run in 2012, Mike needs a big cup of STFU.

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    67. I were in a band, I think I would prefer to have my music used in a movie trailer than in a commercial (although, depending on the product & the ad, that would probably work for me too!).Â

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    69. And I challenge ANYBODY who has ever kicked it in the California foothills (Mariposa, Coulterville, Groveland etc) to say that I'm wrong. You guys that don't go camping or live in rural California have no idea how rough it can be out here. The skinheads and other racist groups like to hang out in the foothills…

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    82. LOL! Black rage??? LOL! You're very creative, but maybe, you should try directing those creative juices towards something constructive instead of destructive.

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    121. My daughter is a senior at Cal Poly and loves it. She really has to work hard, because the competition is very tough. But it is worth it once she graduates. It is a highly respected school. I read a brief summary of Cal Poly by a liberal group: White, Christian and Republican. Works for me, although it is pretty diverse, almost 1/3 minority. Great rodeo team. It could pass for a Texas school, and almost as friendly.

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    9. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

    10. I had soapstone counters installed in my previous house, also for a white kitchen. I feel soapstone is timeless – what sold me was realizing the softly worn counters in chemistry labs were often soapstone. Then I visited someone’s heritage home and saw them after 20 years of use – so gorgeous, but obviously worn. I love that.

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    13. High point? Fed Gov saying gender expression in work place is covered under existing sexual discrimination law. Also, seeing those two older women getting married after being together for decades. Made me cry!Low point? Reading about trans people being murdered in broad daylight and nothing being done. That people fighting back are the ones going to jail.Steps in the right direction, but so far still to go.

    14. Las primeras manzanas me han encantado! Estoy de dieta, y quiero hacer una cena especial, pero no me quiero salir de ella! Así que de postre, ya tengo esos corazones de manzanas! Muchas gracias por la idea! No me saldrán tan perfectas, pero se intentará! jajajaj

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    18. I totally agree with Thomas and whoever has this opinion…Cat has no chemistry with the contestants. Add to that, she lacks wit, a sense of humour, ability to exhibit sincere empathy. She comes across as superficial with very little depth. This is a show of heart and talent…she doesnt belong there. Everyone I know wants her off.

    19. Hello doll It’s been a while since my last visit on your NZ entries (love the entries). Looks like you had fun! Well, I am an avid reader in reading your blog (particularly the travelogue & food review). It was such much fun reading your entries, and your writings made my day! Love, Love, Love! Keep it up Miss E.p/s: looking forward to your giveaways, wonder what would that be? a lil souvenir?

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    21. So glad you were able to get it in time. After forgetting my camera and my business cards on Monday night at a talk I gave, I’ve decided I need to write up a list of EVERYTHING I need and then print out several copies to use before any event I attend. It was embarrassing when the newspaper reporter asked for a business card…

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    27. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Bless you!

    28. pastel pink,blue and green are you best options in that order. Pastel yellow, and white will also go well with that just make sure that if you do wear a white shirt that you wear a tank top underneath so *nothing* shows through the shirt( they can be see through). -1Was this answer helpful?

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    30. At first I thought you were being too kind to the media. OK. A conscience without standards from G-d, I suppose exists within their own mind. However, men wielding the power of giving or with-holding "realness" to murdered people is a prelude to What?.Their perceptions facilitate the murder of people whom they have devalued. Overall, consciences today are increasingly dead to wrong doing.

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    40. O método en sí está ben,pero o que non se pode permirir e que se use a muller como dun trapo se tratase, xa que é unha persoa. Se logo deses 9 meses a familia que pagou por a nai de aluguer, non quere o fillo por algunha causa que pasaría con él? Nesta sociedade tan avanzada non se pode permitir que se trate a muller como se fora unha incuvadora.

    41. Just you wait. It’s all wagging tails and that intoxicating puppy smell until you’re chasing your precious fur ball around the yard with your son’s lovey in his mouth. Luckily potty training has been a snitch and Charlie Pasta LOVES his crate.

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    43. Field, what Madoff is doing to his Tribe ain’t nothing compared to what Number 5 is doing to black Philly fans. yeah, Andy Reid is a moron, but your boy Donovan McNabb (with a name like that I bet Jamaicans thought he was a fellow Yardie) catches the heat, and he doesn’t seem to be breathing any fire into anyone. Oh well. Sorry man.

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    47. mio fratello ha vissuto una settimana su una splendida ed enorme quercia (scendeva solo per i pasti e la notte!). D'altronde, lui è quello del disegno sul tema "la solitudine" con un piatto e uno spaghetto soltanto! Bravo e finalmente pare che la strada sia in discesa, ciao, ale

    48. I do NOT have any confidence that the police will do anything to bring these Muslim thugs to justice. The British people have been betrayed by their own government. All you Brits better get used to Muslim ass kickings and worse because your government will NOT protect you. You've already rolled over and let them take away your right to defend yourselves.

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    51. Everything you mentioned is so spot on! My parents had several credit cards and now they're having to pay it all off, but they're not long from finally finishing it all. It's so easy to get trapped by these companies but you are right, living frugally can allow you to enjoy the things you really love. I've stopped buying magazines, and now I go down to the library to read books, and buy second-hand ones from there as well. It's so easy to do! xxx

    52. They caught the van der sloot. I can see his defense now: she took some date rape drug and decided she wanted to commit suicide and I tried to stop her but was unsuccessful. Sounds like a winner.

    53. Tienes razón. Esa es una de esas razones por la que pienso que somos un país bastante (muy) retrasado en comparación con otros, socialmente hablando. Aunque yo he visto mucha gente dormida en los trenes… pero creo que no están dormidos del todo xd

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    56. I’ve had that same food coloring for 15 years, until I used it all up for this project. (You can tell I don’t do a lot of cake decorating! Ha!) I haven’t gone out to replace it yet, so I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as gel coloring! Hmm, weird. I’ll let you know if I find a source.

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    58. I’ve been brought around to Nalini Singh’s angel series and Larissa Ione’s demonic series. Neither author apologized nor explained how our ordinary world morphed into the worlds they created. And you know what? I was okay with that. I just started the story gob-smack in the middle of a new world with new rules. The authors took it from there and I went with it without question. I love both of those series.So the answer is, (IMHO) as far as you want to take the reader.

    59. MM26 — Good luck on that ever happening, the TEA Party makes it a strong point to tell people, ‘we are independent, we have NO real leadership past our local level and we are too disorganized to do anything on a national scale’… Just sayin’..

    60. Ollie,What amazes me is that in a small market like organics, in a small country like Ireland, there should be two organic plans, one from Teagasc and one from DAPP.Could they not join forces and funds,get a focussed attack, and in particular addres your very good point about promoting the sector. Colette.

    61. Beautiful location! I admit to being a scaredy cat when it comes to camping – bears, mountain lions, and rattlesnakes. Now that we live in England I don’t have to worry about the bites-yous/eats-yous but there are no places to camp except for crowded campgrounds. Go figure

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    72. Hey Meredith, I know I am probably the millionth person to ask about the mirror, but I was just wondering what the dimensions were. I thought I found one that looked pretty similar and on second glance it looks a little thin in the middle at 19″. Let me know. Thanks Sarah

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